I've explored oh-so-much during quarantine! 
Recently, I was asked to make a set of epaulettes for my friend's wedding, which was an honor for so many reasons. . . 
they looked stunning and fancy, of course, and now I'm into making epaulettes! :P
Here are a few other juicy tidbits in my creation circle these days.  A custom-made, delicious Pansexual Pride triple tassel earring!  No doubt these babes will pop and receive all the attention.  Good stuff!  :D
Friends, family, and strangers have been requesting custom tassel and wire jewelry for as long as I can remember.  We've even had the honor of adorning brides and bridesmaids in gorgeous gems!
These lovely pieces were for my bridal ladies.  I'm happy to see them wearing these sets every now and then!  Be sure to let us know if we can make your wedding party glow, too.  ;) 
Taylor always looks stunning in her tassels!  @_@  This custom pair of blue to purple tassel fans match both her personality and sweater to a T! 
Then there are those delightful pieces I made to sell and kept for myself.  I know, it's hard sometimes. . . but coming soon, my personal collection!