Policies & FAQ

What kind of metal do you use?  Growing up with an allergy to nickel, all of our ear wires, clasps, chains, etc. that are touching your skin are genuine Sterling silver, 14K Goldfill, or 14K Rose Goldfill.  We often use brass or copper for large, woven pieces since we're trying to keep our jewelry affordable.  If you ever want something to be a different metal, just ask.

What is Goldfill?  Goldfill, gold-fill, 14K goldfill is an amalgam which includes jeweler's base metals pressure-bonded with pure gold.  It's a great, quality, affordable alternative to solid gold.  It has 100x more gold alloy than plating and will not turn your skin green or cause irritation.

Where do your tassels come from?  We upcycle all of our tassels from local jewelers.  This brings new life into materials previously deemed disposable, these babies are gorgeous!

Can I send you my tassels to use?  We would LOVE to get your tassels to turn them into dreamy trinkets- if possible, the more the better, send us pounds of them!  We sincerely appreciate your help in this endeavor.  Please contact us about it so that we can send you a pre-paid USPS shipping label.

Can I make a custom colorway for a tassel piece?  YES!  PLEASE DO!!!  We love making things special and unique for you, so contact us to make anything customized!

What should I do if my tassels get a bit too wild?  If your tassels start looking a little frazzled, you can dip them into water and finger-comb them straight again!  Be careful to avoid getting multiple tassels of different colors wet, as sometimes the dyes can bleed into each other.  If things are looking really bad, get in touch with us and we can help you out.

Can you help me put together an idea I have?  YES!  PLEASE ASK!!!  I love working with you to make your dream a reality.  It's a win-win, please contact us for custom work!

 When should I expect my order?  If you see it on the website, it's already ready to go!  Those pieces should be expected in 3-5 business days.  If we need to do some customization, it could take up to 4 weeks, but we can iron out those details at the time of ordering.

What's your shipping policy?  We provide first-class USPS priority shipping for $5 unless you ask us to use a courier service like UPS or FEDEX.

What if I want to return or exchange my jewelry?  Hopefully you love your jewels for life, but if you need to make a return or exchange, please contact us within 7 days of receiving your shipment and we'll work something out.  You will be responsible for return shipping.  Please return any unused items in their original packaging.

Can you do wholesale?  Yep!  Just contact us for details and we'll get on it.


As always, if you're not happy with your purchase or if you ever need repairs, please contact us so we can make it all better!!!